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^beast of a site if looking for ideas and other cool mashups. Some I liked in particular where.

A route planner for runners, joggers and walkers, and also has distance - speed calculators, which is definitely cool. My only problem with it, is there’s nothing on the site to help you determine your speed and pace beforehand. I think you have to time your route first, and input your time to get relevant results back from the site. That was a bit unclear to me at first.

Uses GPS tracking for when your hiking, tracking, biking etc. and allows you to upload photos and videos of your adventure, that media is pinned to the track you are on (using GPS). You can then share it with your friends, and other users can see the photos from your recent expedition. Definitely a cool mashup for the adventurous type. 

Both of these are e-commerce sites, that get hits from other well know e-commerce sites, combining it all together allowing you to view massive amounts of goods, and help finding the best deals and prices.

Design influences

This site, although rather ugly, has its content well sorted out. This is definitely important for my mashup. You never want your users to be confused when they visit your site, it should seem easy to navigate and find the information they want. I’ll be having something sort of like that sites layout, where there will be a secondary navigation under certain pages, for extra content.

I use this example way too much, but seriously, the website is so nicely made. I’ll be pulling ideas from this site for sure. I’ll definitely used a centred layout for my website. Also having my front page look something like theirs, with the navigation at the top, and big images leading to other pages of the site. For example, the big picture in the middle, centred, could be a healthy food item, clicking on it leads to the healthy foods section of the website under it, different images underneath will lead to other sections of the website. I’ll do a mockup of my idea of the front page, because trying to explain in text is just tedious >_>

2 years ago

Data sources

Youtube - This will be used to get videos relating to the users choice (cooking tutorials for healthy foods, exercise demonstrations, lifestyle tips etc.)

Google - Used for getting news articles relating to the users choice. (news articles,  foods, exercises, lifestyle, theory based content.)

Yahoo - Used in the same way as Google, these two might just present similar results, so maybe sticking with Google will be wiser ?

Twitter - Used for getting content relating to the users choice. (inspirational images, quotes, food ideas, exercises, news articles)

Flickr - Inspirational images, quotes.

Tumblr - Same as Flickr

Soundcloud - Used for the music section if I decide to incorporate, will have some sort of filter so users can select whether they want slow relaxing music (stress relief) or faster paced, energetic music (exercising). (allowing users to search songs by BPM)


Different types of training - I’ll definitely incorporate this into my mashup, splitting the “exercises” allowing users to pick between circuit training, weight training, cardio training.

Inspirational images / quotes - Ill implement this idea as well, sourcing images, quotes and video from flickr, tumblr and youtube.

Incorporating music - At the moment I feel like I already have enough data sources, so I’m not too sure about using music in the site. I also think my idea is shifting away from what I originally wanted it to be (healthy lifestyle) and more towards fitness / working out ??? and through incorporating workout music I think its going to drift it further away from my main idea. Don’t know what to think of that though, maybe it’s a good thing?

Make the content unique so it’s not just like a google search - This is some feedback to definitely take into consideration. Although I’m still a bit unsure about the context of it. I think its definitely important to ensure that the website mashup isn’t just like a google search, but isn’t the point of the mashup, to get multiple data sources working together to create a more unique and accessible website when it comes down to the information? maybe I’m going about the feedback the wrong way, or I’m going about the mashup the wrong way, more discussion is greatly appreciated :).

Integrating social media, competing with friends - This was a cool idea, allowing users to post updates on their health and exercise regimes, for example, people can brag about going on a 5km run in X amount of time, and other friends interested can try beat that time. The main problem with this idea though is that it’s already been done, on a large scale as well. Nike + records all your running / fitness stats, and you can earn rewards for beating your PB, brag to friends about your times, etc. Don’t know if anything I created could compare against that.

Other Work

Going to have to do some more mockups and wireframes in regards to the layout, get a solid idea on where the content is going to be placed, and how the user will interact with the website / navigation. 

I also want to add in something on each page, linking to an external site for more information. For example if the user is looking at content in regards to weight exercises, I could add in “For more information you can try sites like:" etc.

2 years ago

Okay so I have an even better idea, after talking with peers about mashups, we decided my other idea was just to plain, been done before, and then I got this random idea to do a mashup based around healthy living. This idea definitely seems better. Im thinking of having it layed out to give you hits from multiple sources with information about healthy foods, exercises, living, well-being etc. more to come in next post.

2 years ago

After brainstorming for a while with possible ideas for a mashup going back and forth between sports, food and funny. 

I’ve decided the mashup I’m intending on doing will be one of those sites you visit that provides you with a laugh when you’re bored, the kind of site with random humour that you desperately visit the day before an assignment’s due to use as an excuse for procrastination. (Don’t act like you don’t do it!)

Originally with this idea I was aiming for the content to mainly consist of funny memes. That idea seemed to basic however so I was thinking of also integrating funny youtube videos, images, possibly jokes and memes of course.

Similar sites to my idea would be:

and more loosely sites like quickmeme and even the r/funny board over at reddit.


deviant art
imgur ?

Possible Sources:

(now too sure how much actual “funny” stuff there is on these two, might have to search around on their sites more)

2 years ago

Social Networking - The ability to share, like, comment, rate, upvote, subscribe. Whether it’s sharing information with your friends, or reaching out to millions through video, social media intergration is a must for websites to keep a consistent user base.

Digital Distribution - Delivering content to the user online. Music, news, games, etc. Must reach out and connect with the user that’s on your website. Steam is a great example of this service, they have acheived huge success through digital distribution

Multi-Platform - Website needs to be multi-browser compatible, as well as having mobile optimised versions taking advantage of the multi-touch controls. Mobile sites also need to be scaled appropriately for viewing on smaller screens.

Live Data - Ensuring that content is relevant and up to date in regards with the website. Consantly keeping the user aware of recent news. Content refresing when news is available.

Simplicity - Information needs to be given to the user in a concise manner. Not overloading the user with information or walls of text. Keep the layout and navigation as user friendly as possible, and consistent throughout the entire website.

Visual Appeal - Image based content that captures the user’s eye and keeps their interest in the website and the vocal points. Clarity of the layout plays a major role on whether or not the user experience is enjoyable. Simple colour palette.

Top 3:

2 years ago